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DR. Shirish Chandra was born in a village PARA in the district of Azamgarh U.P. 1947.

He got his education in Allahabad . Dr. Chandra is a veterinarian by profession. He completed in public services examination held by government of U.P. He was selected for the post of assistant veterinary surgeon & joined the government services in 1972 .due to his outstanding performance he reached the highest promotion post of the department &deputation he work as a general manager (C.U.C.) nagar nigam Allahabad he has retired from state animal husbandry department. As Chief technical officer.

Depite his busy Govt. duties , Dr. Chandra due his indomitable game spirit and insatiable love for dogs. Kept actively involved in the dog game exhibitor, an outstanding handler and as a responsible breeber of various breeds of dogs. He has been active member of various local kennel clubs in his home state . he become president allahabad canine club, vice president allahabad vet club and executive member india society for advancement of canine practice. He become life member of the KCI Madars in 1972 . he has successful complete the animal welfare training course sponsored by the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals and the animal welfare board of india (ministry of environment and forests).

He is a pet lover from his childhood and has been interest in dog show from his college days . He in small animal practice for the last 35 years . Dr. Shirish Chandra the leading canine practitioner of Allahabad, who has stated his dog care centre, S5 pannalal road , Allahabad in 1976, regularly rendering the expertise and quality services to the pet lovers and their pets since more than three decades.

He has modernized his clinic in 1986 and also added the dog parlor cum grooming centre, S.P.A. bath along with a latest pet shop for all kinds of accessories, foods, utensils, bedding, kennel baskets & cages, toys, chains, leashes, collars and cosmetic etc. he has stated a dog show also, annually to encourage the pet lovers of the town.

Since India is facing he ever-increasing threat of latent diseases affecting the pet,s health and breeding badly. Therefore generating awareness on this subject it was of paramount importance the Dr. Shirish Chandra has taken initiative to establish a new branch at Muir road , Allahabad on 1st November , 2009, to render all the modernize services for pet health, breeding training , Ambulance services, round the clock emergency services crèche, dog home, modern parlor and latest pet accessories shop etc.